What is City Council?


Our City Council is a group of five elected individuals that represent you, the voter, and your district. Their role in city government is to listen to their constituents' concerns and strive to find solutions. The City Council helps manage a revenue of around 200 million dollars. It is their job to work with the voters to match needs with resources.


Which district am I in?


Click here to find which district you're in! Huntsville has a total of five districts, each with one elected representative. The city uses the latest U.S. census data to keep the population of each district at approximately 36,000.


Why you should vote?


Voting is a key way to have your voice heard. For neighborhood needs, issues, or concerns, your City Council representative should be the one to depend on to help. The best way to make your decision is to research each candidate and find the one you think understands the community and has the spirit to serve.


How do I vote?


The first step is to register.
Click here to go to the Alabama Voter Registration page.

You'll also need to find your polling location.
Click here to go to the Alabama Votes location finder.


District 2 candidates


Consider your choices before you cast your vote. Research each candidate. Choose the candidate that you believe will best serve the district.

Visit any of the current District 2 candidates by clicking on their photo below.